HomeFill Systems
HomeFill® is an innovative oxygen delivery system that utilizes patented technology to refill your own portable oxygen cylinders straight from your concentrator. Each cylinder has its own built-in regulator and conserving device, eliminating the need to change regulators from tank to tank. One portable cylinder can provide up to 10 hours of portable oxygen.

Now, you can take that walk, visit friends, or spend time with your family without worry.

Be Independent
Don’t be dependent on your next oxygen delivery. Be carefree - live your life with the independence HomeFill® can provide!
HomeFill® Patented Technology is Safe, Simple and Easy to Use
  • Unlimited supply of portable oxygen
  • Patients can refill their portable cylinders while breathing continuous oxygen from their concentrator
  • Eliminates inconveniences associated with oxygen deliveries
  • No need to store dozens of portable oxygen tanks in and around your home and car

HomeFill® Convenient Cylinder Packs
  • Provides a variety of portable cylinder sizes. The smallest cylinder weighs less than 2 pounds
  • One small lightweight portable cylinder can provide up to 10 hours of portable oxygen
  • Cylinders can be worn over the shoulder, on the waist, and our smaller cylinders can even fit in a purse